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Wildlife at Crow's Nest

Crow’s Nest was dedicated as Virginia’s 54th natural area preserve in 2008. The diverse plant communities within the preserve provide important habitats for a variety of birds, including breeding birds, neotropical migrants, and over-wintering waterfowl. Bird diversity peaks during fall and spring migrations when waves of neotropical migrants pass through Virginia.

The Accokeek Overlook Trail and the canoe launch boardwalk provide birders with access to the freshwater tidal marsh along Accokeek Creek, as well as the adjacent hardwood forest. In the future, an additional 8 miles of hiking trail will be available within the interior of the preserve.

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation has produced a checklist of birds that you may access through the link below. This checklist identifies more than 160 species that have been seen within or from the shoreline of Crow’s Nest. The list will be updated as more information becomes available. All additions, corrections, and comments to the checklist should be sent to

Hours for Crow’s Nest vary by the season check the Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation prior to your visit. 

Wildlife at sightings at Crow's Nest

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